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  • Forex Moving Averages

    Forex Moving Averages

    This simple indicator is very much underestimated by traders, a lot of new forex traders will have tried just about every indicator including moving averages and will have discarded them completely after they have been convinced that pure price action is the way ahead. Using Moving Averages For Forex Trading. The problem most have with […] Read More »
  • Understanding Chart Patterns in Forex

    Understanding Chart Patterns in Forex

  • Foreign Exchange Trade Station

    Foreign Exchange Trade Station

    Choosing a proper trading platform is part of selecting an appropriate forex broker. TradeStation 2 is an updated version of TradeStation from Monex Group. Assessing the features this platform offers is one way to ensure your foreign exchange trading is conducted in a fashion you enjoy. Trade Station offers web, desktop, and mobile software. All […] Read More »
  • Find The Best Fx Trading Platform

    Find The Best Fx Trading Platform

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