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Forex Broker Scams Exposed

What Every Forex Trader Should Know Understand this. There are good people. And bad people. These tricky scammers know that ‘get rich quick’ schemes are tempting to the public. The swindlers have mastered the cheating game and they know how to play with their words. Always remember and tell yourself that there is no such […] Read More »

FX Converter For Forex Trading

This article looks at the uses of an FX converter when you first start trading in the forex market. When you enter the forex market, you do so to make a profit from buying and selling currencies.  Currency pairs are provided in quotes on the forex spot market.  Currencies are always traded in pairs, hence […] Read More »

The Parts of Your Forex Trading Systems

This article looks at the different parts that make up forex trading systems. When you trade on the forex market you have to consider the forex trading systems that you should have.  There are a number of parts that should make up your forex trading systems.  When you look at these different parts you need […] Read More »

Forex Charts, Platforms and Paper Trading

This article looks at three services offered on the forex market – forex charts, an online forex trading platform and paper trading options. With the rise in forex traders, so comes a rise in forex brokers.  This has created a strong competitiveness among brokerages resulting in the different firms taking extra measures in attempts to […] Read More »

The Reasons Why Forex Traders Fail

This article looks at the reasons why forex traders fail on the market. When you trade on the forex market you have to know what will separate the successful traders from the failing traders.  There are a number of reasons why forex traders may fail when they are trading.  It is important that you know […] Read More »

Important Facts about Forex Brokers

This article looks at different aspects of forex brokers. In order to trade the foreign exchange market successfully, you must have working knowledge of market and all aspects related to trading.  One essential feature that will be encountered is the forex broker.  To ensure you find a reliable, trustworthy and reputable broker, you must be […] Read More »

Updates on FX

It’s a whole new world out there. And it sometimes gets tough out there. Recently, there has been a great lot of bad news about the weather and current affairs. But let’s not talk about that. The FX market is the latest victim. Check out these news and updates about FX. Are you in shock? […] Read More »

Forex Trading: Interesting Facts and Figures

The foreign exchange trading market is absolutely huge with vast amounts of money being moved around the globe each day. Read on for some vital facts and figures to help give you a broader picture of the forex market. History Foreign Exchange currency trading in some form has been around since ancient times. The modern […] Read More »

Do Emotions Have a Place In Forex Trading?

Forex trading and investing are inherently analytical activities. Successful traders are usually ones who are able to stick to a plan and who will not get distracted, greedy or nervous and make mistakes when they are trading. However, that doesn’t mean that all emotions are a bad thing. It is perfectly normal to feel some […] Read More »

How Consumers Influence the Forex Market

The consumer confidence index is often mentioned as one of the key factors that influence the forex market and consumer confidence reports are studied closely by traders who are trying to determine current and emerging trends. Consumer confidence reports explained Various reports such as the US Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) are designed to measure the […] Read More »

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