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Foreign Exchange Trading

Foreign exchange trading market is one among the biggest and dynamic industries available in the whole world. The market has attracted every type of population and has made an important part of income for a major part of population. The daily turnover in the foreign exchange market has exceeded 2.5 trillion US dollars. There are […] Read More »

Basic Terminologies in Foreign exchange Trading

There are various basic terminologies that the trader needs to be familiar with in order to trade in a successful manner and gaining profit. As a trader in the market, you should not act unfamiliar with some situations or the terminology related with foreign exchange trading. Spreads in Foreign Exchange Trading Spread is the measurement […] Read More »

Tools for Training in Foreign Exchange Trading

You need to have proper training before performing foreign exchange trading. Without proper training, you may end up in loss. There are many tools as well as resources available in market which can be used for training you and make you a successful trader. The various tools available are charts, guided tours, news, forex outlooks, […] Read More »

Demystifying Technical Analysis of Forex

Technical analysis is an extremely important method of analyzing price trends of the Forex phenomenon. It’s one of the primary stepping stones towards understanding the mechanism of Forex and thus becoming a successful currency trader. This method employs mathematical calculations of various complexities to draw various charts corresponding to the history of the currency pair. […] Read More »

Currency Trading: Things You Ought to Know About It

More and more investors and traders from all parts of the world are stepping into the market of currency trading. The reason behind this is very simple. The market is full of opportunities and well-planned investments are getting good results. There is a huge amount of turnover churned by this market and these investors are […] Read More »

Earn More with Proper Trading Plan in Currency Trading Market

If you want to make money in the investment market with a lesser risk then currency trading is a better option. It is one of the most preferred trading options for common people. It has certain features, which score highly over stock market. There are lesser risks in the currency trading market than the stock […] Read More »

Trading Worlds: Currency Trading

Currency Trading is one of the most interesting facets of the world of trading. It’s lucrative, interesting and challenging at the same time. The foundation of currency trading is same as that of share trading. You buy a commodity at a price ‘x’ and try to sell it at a price ‘y’. You pray from […] Read More »

My Forex Robot Experiments

A few months after I’d introduced myself to forex I decide it would be a good idea to write my own forex robot, I would never let loose an off the shelf forex robot on my account, I mean how do you ever know what’s in that program code? Forex Expert Advisor on Metatrader4 I’d […] Read More »

An Introduction To Forex Trading.

Forex is an acronym of Foreign Exchange, it is the world’s largest market with an estimated volume of $4 trillion, which in the context of the world’s largest economy of the United States being $14 trillion a year is really quite staggering. The forex market is very different to stocks and shares, it has no […] Read More »

I Wonder About The Forex Market.

I often wonder about the forex market and what actually goes on, and who knows what goes on, it is an estimated $4 trillion that goes through the forex market on a daily basis, and you can only wonder where all this money comes from. The US economy turns over $14 trillion a year, but […] Read More »

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