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Downside Risks Linger in Dutch Recovery

In an attempt to conduct a foreign exchange rate analysis of the Euro currency, Barclays took time to go down deeper into the downside risks that limits the recovery of the Dutch economy. The Dutch government has struck some deals with partners in the society namely those who have interests in the labour market, pension […] Read More »

Creating A Forex Watch List

There are opportunities across the board in forex, there are many different pairs that you can trade and keeping an eye on a range of them will help you capitalise on the best opportunities that are available, but you can’t look at all of them all of the time, what you need is a short […] Read More »

FX Rates DKK SGD Profit Examples

Before discussing how you can calculate profit for FX rates you should understand the example being given here with the DKK/SGD. The DKK is pegged to the Euro, which means it will be influenced by Euro movements and economic discussions. The SGD or Singapore dollar is also pegged, but no one knows for sure what […] Read More »

Forex – Discipline, Courage And Patience

These are a few essential qualities you need to have as a forex trader, you probably won’t posses them in the context of forex trading even though you may well have them in the usual business environment. The Essential Forex Trader Qualities. Discipline and patience are the utmost skills you need for forex trading, it […] Read More »

A Brief History Of Forex

It’s often been said that in order to look to the future, we must examine the past and, with so much in the forex world depending on a trader’s ability to anticipate markets and geo-politics, it is helpful to understand how the concept of forex began. Here we take a short look at the history […] Read More »

Forex EURUSD Week Ending 4th October 2013

With the crisis in the USA without any sign of a resolution, there is only one way the US Dollar will go and that is down, the result of not being able to keep the government open and a complete shut down in parks and government offices and many more government related organisations, it could […] Read More »

2013 Forex Seasonal Trends.

You will have heard of seasonal trends and they tend to start in the Spring and Autumn of the Northern Hemisphere, but what starts this trend?  Seasonal forex Trends. It’s been very interesting this year, the Greek Cypriot crisis coming to a resolution and causing the EURUSD to trend back to the top of it’s […] Read More »

Forex Moving Averages

This simple indicator is very much underestimated by traders, a lot of new forex traders will have tried just about every indicator including moving averages and will have discarded them completely after they have been convinced that pure price action is the way ahead. Using Moving Averages For Forex Trading. The problem most have with […] Read More »

The Big Forex Circle.

I find it quite amazing how things go round in circles, whatever happens in a country it has an affect on another and then on another, and so it goes on, it’s once big never ending roller-coaster, and every move has an affect in the forex markets. The US Economic Crisis October 2013 And It’s […] Read More »

Building A Forex Strategy From Scratch

Since psychology is a major part of forex trading it is probably always best to develop your own trading strategy based on your personality and skills, but how do you go about it? Start With The Basics Of Forex. Start with support and resistance, this is the absolute key to forex trading and it should […] Read More »

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