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Forex For Beginners.

The first thing you need to do as a new and fresh aspiring forex trader is to open a forex demo account, this is easy done, nearly all forex brokers offer a free demo account and if they don’t, find one that does. At this point you will probably find it tempting to open a […] Read More »

Learn Forex Trading Quickly.

The first point to make is that you must have a simple system, complex systems serve no purpose other than to confuse, it’s a case of too many cooks spoil the broth. When you have a complex system you will be looking at the system more than the market and that’s what you must always […] Read More »

The US Debt Crisis And The Fallout On Forex

The resolution of the US debt ceiling crisis’s effect on the forex market was somewhat different than what many traders had expected. Dollar Falls Across The Forex Markets. The general expectation amongst traders was that the US dollar would start to strengthen once a resolution was passed, we had seen a weakening Dollar over the […] Read More »

Forex Trading Psychology.

The importance of forex trading psychology can never be too strongly emphasised, there are good systems out there, there are good mentors, some offering their services for free, and they will go to a lot of bother to help other, they are genuinely profitable, but without the right frame of my all these won’t be […] Read More »

Currency Trading – Taking the Leap

Currency trading is a great way to take a little money and make it grow quickly. You want to be able to provide an education for your children and a good home for your family. It is not uncommon for the economy, layoffs and recession to cause a person to have to go through their […] Read More »

Scepticism On The Foreign Currency Exchange

Every individual has been taught in life that confidence in one’s beliefs and concepts is extremely crucial to success in all walks of life. This is why when an individual begins his career on the foreign currency exchange, he begins with the preconceived notion that any kind of doubt will be detrimental. However, scepticism is […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Trade Station

Choosing a proper trading platform is part of selecting an appropriate forex broker. TradeStation 2 is an updated version of TradeStation from Monex Group. Assessing the features this platform offers is one way to ensure your foreign exchange trading is conducted in a fashion you enjoy. Trade Station offers web, desktop, and mobile software. All […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Trading IMF Warns of Fiscal Trouble

The IMF or International Monetary Fund has lowered its growth beliefs. The lower percentages are an indirect result of the United States shutdown, which will affect the entire world. The economic growth rates were lowered before the debt- ceiling issues became even larger. The IMF stated there are downside risks and that global growth activity […] Read More »

Channels and Trend Lines Within the Forex Market

A Trend Line in Forex In simple terms, a trend line is a sloping line signifying the point at which prices have difficulty moving above (bullish) or dropping below (bearish). The trend line is similar to the support and resistance lines used by traders, but instead of being drawn horizontally, it is expressed at an […] Read More »

Understanding Chart Patterns in Forex

Technical analysis plays a huge role in the forex market and perhaps the most common of these analysis techniques is recognising chart patterns. With so many currencies to choose between, chart patterns serve to highlight potential trades. Easy to recognise, providing clear price objectives and with a favourable risk to reward setup, one of the […] Read More »

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