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How to Pick a Forex Robot

What is a Forex robot? An forex robot is some automated trading software that makes trading decisions automatically. The most popular retail robots are based on the Metatrader platform. Such robots present themselves as ‘expert advisers’ which can either suggest courses of action to you (such as when you should place a trade) or they […] Read More »

Find The Best Fx Trading Platform

If you’re thinking of becoming involved with the word of foreign exchange trading for the first time, or have some experience of fx, it’s essential to work out what the best trading platform is for your individual requirements. We take a look at how to compare online forex trading accounts to maximise your potential profits. […] Read More »

Beginner’s guide to the Forex Market

The forex market is a global market trading different currencies. Whether you are an individual needing Euros for a weekend in Barcelona or a corporate firm transferring millions to an offshore subsidiary, the exchange rate for the currencies you want to buy and sell in are important. Since 1971 currencies have been able to trade […] Read More »

Forex Strategies according to Trading Account Level

The amount of money in your trading account will largely determine which sort of trader you are at any given time. It will affect the amount of risk you take and what sort of trading you can do. We take a look at the trading options for different amounts of capital from nothing at all […] Read More »

Full Cooperation to Forex Regulations

  Regulators looking into allegations of manipulation of currency trading have been given assurances that they will receive full co-operation from Barclays, as the scrutiny surrounding its conduct deepens. At the same time, the bank is struggling with a reduction in the income it receives from its investment banking activities. Recently, Barclays said it was […] Read More »

The Place of Risk In Forex Trading

No matter the state of the markets, risk is a key component of forex trading. A person or business’ tolerance for different levels of risk will determine their likelihood of making the transactions which could have high rewards or significant losses. Understanding the quantifiable nature of risk and its importance in forex trading is important […] Read More »

How to Complain if Forex Goes Wrong

Sensible users of forex services will already be aware of the guidelines surrounding their choice of broker; they will have ensured that the company in question is regulated in the country in which it operates and that any on-line reviews are positive. However, sometimes things can and do go wrong. Here’s our short guide on […] Read More »

Choosing Forex Robots for Trading

In the recent past,  forex robots has gained significant popularity for those looking to trade extensively. However, the number of forex robots available on the market with their corresponding sales pitches can be a little overwhelming and there are a few pieces of information which can help to lead to the decision being a successful […] Read More »

How to read a Forex Chart

Knowing how to read a forex chart can be really helpful in understanding the market, regardless of whether you are a professional trader, want to make a small investment or are just an observer. One good way to understand and come to grips with the changes in the market is by looking at charts produced. […] Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Using a Forex Robot

Many traders will happily extol the virtues of a forex robot- essentially a piece of software that does all the thinking, trading and account management for you. However while they seem like a brilliant idea there are just as many reasons to avoid them as there are to use them. Read on for a look […] Read More »

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