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My Forex Robot Experiments

A few months after I’d introduced myself to forex I decide it would be a good idea to write my own forex robot, I would never let loose an off the shelf forex robot on my account, I mean how do you ever know what’s in that program code? Forex Expert Advisor on Metatrader4 I’d […] Read More »

I Wonder About The Forex Market.

I often wonder about the forex market and what actually goes on, and who knows what goes on, it is an estimated $4 trillion that goes through the forex market on a daily basis, and you can only wonder where all this money comes from. The US economy turns over $14 trillion a year, but […] Read More »

A Frugal Forex Education.

There are many ways that you can fund your forex education, it takes a lot of time to learn and if you are intending to do it full time, that is a lot of time that you won’t be earning. You can either supplement this loss or you can get frugal like I did. The […] Read More »

My Worst Forex Day Ever

I’d been trading forex for a couple of years, I’d lost a couple of grand when I first started, when I really didn’t know what I was doing at all, but after all the initial hiccups and the couple of years study I’d done, I thought it was time to put a foot on the […] Read More »

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