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My Forex Robot Experiments

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A few months after I’d introduced myself to forex I decide it would be a good idea to write my own forex robot, I would never let loose an off the shelf forex robot on my account, I mean how do you ever know what’s in that program code?

Forex Expert Advisor on Metatrader4

I’d always done some programming, ever since I got my first computer, a ZX81 and loved it from the word go, and over the years I’d done some dBASE, some Pascal, Visual Basic and some others to a small extent, so it didn’t take me long to get to grasp with programming for Metatrader. Metatrader has a proprietary trading language called ‘mql’, it’s similar to most mainstream programming languages, but with one key difference, the input comes from the price feed of the forex markets rather than the user, so testing is a little different. Metatrader has a built in strategy tester that has historical data that you can test your Expert Advisor on, but different pairs have differing amounts of historical data and it can also vary from one forex broker to another. So off I set writing up a strategy based on a recent system I’d purchased off the internet, it had a MACD factor and an inside bar entry for the trades, I tested it over 4 months, it won about 70% of the trades and the winners were much bigger than the losers. I was over the moon, I’d cracked it, all I had to do was test it a little more, a few tweaks might be needed I thought, but hey I’d cracked it, I went for a walk to take a break. On my walk though I did have a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that if I could do it so effectively in such a relatively short amount of time, why wasn’t everyone else doing it. After my walk I sat down and thought, now I just tested it over 6 months, and ouch, to my horror after a few hours I realised that no settings on earth I put in it would make a profit, and so it was back to the drawing board. I had a good think about this and then applied numerous indicators without much success, I then proceeded to study the times of the trades and eliminated certain times you could trade. I cut out certain times of the day, I cut out certain parts of hours, like it would never trade 10 minutes before the hour and so on, but nothing would cut it.

Endless Forex Auto Trading Strategies.

I tried one strategy after another, tried this tried that, but nothing really worked, the oddest one I tried was entering a trade after three consecutive ticks in the same direction in a row, it showed consistent healthy profit for years at a time, until it came to one year when it would start doing exactly the reverse. The success of this plan might have been just due to how Metatrader used historical data, it wasn’t really meant to be a full blown trading strategy in itself but I was just looking for clues to that BIG SECRET that would make me my millions just by leaving my computer on. After this flurry of activity that lasted a few months, I concluded that what I was doing wasn’t really possible and swore never to waste any more time ever on such foolhardiness. But occasionally¬† over time I’d have a new idea that I thought was worth trying out, but this only served to remind me of why I’d decided it was a waste of time. I still did a lot of EA or indicator programming, not for the purpose of automated trading, but just as a tool for use with my manual trading, you should have seen the results of some of these systems, extremely bright, very complicated and on the whole totally useless. I think EA’s do have their uses, but with the computing power available on your PC and the techniques you can use with MT4 are quite limited compared to what a multi billion pound bank can throw at such a project. It seems that the key to a successful EA is in the money management rather than identifying trades in the first instance, this is where a computer excels at which is mathematical calculations, patterns and trends are it’s much weaker aspect, and it may be that a combination of manual and automated forex trading is probably the best way to proceed.



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