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Impact Of Interest Rates On Forex Rates

Impact Of Interest Rates On Forex Rates Interest rate amendments are the main influences that forex rates are driven by.  The changes are driven by various economic movements during the month and they are able to instantaneously propel the foreign exchange market.  Knowing how to react to these sometimes surprising rate changes can offer you […] Read More »

Choosing the Right Forex Strategies

Choosing the Right Forex Strategies In order to be a successful forex trader, one needs to employ various forex trading strategies. Having the right strategy gives you confidence and helps you make the right decisions. The forex market changes constantly and currency values can rise or drop sharply in a matter of minutes. If you […] Read More »

Keeping and Analysing an FX Exchange Journal

Keeping and Analysing an FX Exchange Journal When you trade forex you should always keep a record of what you have traded and why.  The best way to do this is through the keeping of an FX exchange journal.  While you can get information from your trading platform about the trades you have made there […] Read More »

Forex Trading Online: It’s simple but not easy

Forex Trading Online: It’s simple but not easy Forex trading online is more complex than many perceive.  This article will look at some of the ways to understand the market and work through the complexity of Forex trading online. Most people are able to understand the concept of Forex trading.  It’s much like any other […] Read More »

Forex UK Market Influences to Be Aware of

Forex UK Market Influences to Be Aware of This piece will look at some of the major factors around the UK economy and see how Forex UK traders and world traders must understand the influence British performance has on other currencies. The British economy has a profound effect on the world, perhaps less so than […] Read More »

Before Your First Forex Trade – A Checklist

If you’re a forex trading virgin, and you’ve never made so much as a single trade then chill out – our trading checklist can help. You’re palpably close to the exhilaration of banking your first few pips – just follow the below guidelines. A Forex Trading Checklist There are a fair few things to put […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Rates And Sentiment Indicators

In trying to decipher the likely movement of foreign exchange rates, traders gratefully embrace a wide myriad of technical and fundamental analysis tools. Each have their uses – fundamental analysis help to provide traders with hard numbers, while technical analysis provide dynamic and visual analytics on price momentum, trends, volatility and more. There’s one more […] Read More »

Forex Guerrilla Trading

Those who opt to battle the forex markets using Guerrilla trading methods need to be both experienced and fearless. This type of forex trading is not for the newbie or the feint of heart – guerrilla traders deal in the sort of extreme short time frames that would make even scalpers blush, and only go […] Read More »

Key Forex Indicators

Good forex traders are always keen to add to their database of knowledge. While most traders may actively use only a handful of favorite indicators to orchestrate their trading set-ups, it’s good to know about as many different indicators as possible. Having a wide familiarity and working grasp of several indicators will always provide the […] Read More »

FX Trading With A Herd Mentality

When trying to come up with your FX trading plan, should you trade with the herd or be more of a contrarian? Within the stock trading universe, one of the most commonly spouted bits of rhetoric is to “never follow the herd.” – the likes of Warren Buffet and Jim Slater have always warned their […] Read More »

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