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Fun Foreign Exchange Facts

Foreign exchange trading is ordinarily pretty heavy stuff. As traders we typically get up very early to analyze the markets. We tear our hair out over even the most fractious of price movements and we go through the whole spectrum of emotions as our trades tease and taunt us, zig-zagging between our stop loss and […] Read More »

Common Forex System Questions Answered

A good forex system might well be the golden key in unlocking the secret to consistent profits with currency trading. In this article we’ll unveil answers to some of the most commonly posed questions about setting up a forex trading system. Forex Trading Systems – FAQs What Exactly Is A Forex Trading System & What […] Read More »

Appointing a Real Life Forex Broker

Appointing a Forex Broker This article is about finding a suitable forex broker to suit your needs; a real person rather than a website platform. This is geared to people who would prefer a personal relationship with their broker rather than just trading remotely online. When you commence forex trading it is important that you […] Read More »

Tips to heed when entering forex live trading

Tips to heed when entering forex live trading This article outlines some tips that will help any trader avoid losses in forex live trading. In this article we will be looking at a few tips that will help ensure that you do not become part of the losing forex live traders. They account for around […] Read More »

What to look out for with forex signals providers

What to look out for with every forex signals provider This article covers important considerations to keep in mind when choosing forex signal providers. Forex signals help new traders to maintain a good account balance while trying to find their feet in the market. The providers of these signals give the trader specific times and […] Read More »

What to Consider with Forex Brokers

What to Consider with Forex Brokers This article looks at the things you have to consider with forex brokers, from customer service to the regulatory boards Before you open an account with any forex brokers you need to consider a number of things.  These things will ensure that you find the best broker who will […] Read More »

Should You Trade Foreign Exchange Or Stocks?

Should You Trade Foreign Exchange Or Stocks? This article looks at the differences between the forex market and the stock market. If you have decided that you want to trade on a financial market you may wonder whether you should be trading foreign exchange or stocks.  There are a number of points which set the […] Read More »

Factors to Be Considered While Doing Forex Trading

  Once you have decided to enter the forex market for trading, there are a few factors to be considered to make your trade a success. Those factors include: Focusing on trades Constructing optimistic feedback loops Performing weekend examination Maintaining a printed document Focusing on Forex trades As soon as you have financed your account, […] Read More »

Different Types of Stops in forex

  As soon as you are prepared to trade forex with a serious approach to cash management and the appropriate amount of resources is allotted to your trading account, there are different kinds of stops you may consider. There are four types of stops that are being used in forex. Those stops include: Equity stop Chart […] Read More »

Useful Tips for Selecting an Online Foreign Exchange Broker

  One among the most significant investment decisions you will make has nothing to do with bonds, stocks or mutual funds. This vital decision is selecting a foreign exchange broker. There, are scores of companies providing brokerage services on the internet, and a lot among them are just as good as or better than conventional, brick-and-mortar […] Read More »

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