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Downside Risks Linger in Dutch Recovery

In an attempt to conduct a foreign exchange rate analysis of the Euro currency, Barclays took time to go down deeper into the downside risks that limits the recovery of the Dutch economy. The Dutch government has struck some deals with partners in the society namely those who have interests in the labour market, pension […] Read More »

FX Rates Beginner? Here Are Some Tips

The early stages of your career in forex rates are going to be the most physically, emotionally, and financially taxing. You will come face to face with many dire situations which will not only make you question yourself but also seriously consider quitting the market altogether. However, all is not gloom and doom in the […] Read More »

The Forex Beginners Blog

As a trader that took a long time to achieve any sort of profits, and I mean years not months, I would like to help you newbie traders by explaining where I think I went wrong and why it took so long. Forex Psychology. First of all, don’t whatever you do try trading forex with […] Read More »

Forex – Discipline, Courage And Patience

These are a few essential qualities you need to have as a forex trader, you probably won’t posses them in the context of forex trading even though you may well have them in the usual business environment. The Essential Forex Trader Qualities. Discipline and patience are the utmost skills you need for forex trading, it […] Read More »

FX Rates DKK SGD Profit Examples

Before discussing how you can calculate profit for FX rates you should understand the example being given here with the DKK/SGD. The DKK is pegged to the Euro, which means it will be influenced by Euro movements and economic discussions. The SGD or Singapore dollar is also pegged, but no one knows for sure what […] Read More »

Creating A Forex Watch List

There are opportunities across the board in forex, there are many different pairs that you can trade and keeping an eye on a range of them will help you capitalise on the best opportunities that are available, but you can’t look at all of them all of the time, what you need is a short […] Read More »

Forex Trading Psychology.

The importance of forex trading psychology can never be too strongly emphasised, there are good systems out there, there are good mentors, some offering their services for free, and they will go to a lot of bother to help other, they are genuinely profitable, but without the right frame of my all these won’t be […] Read More »

The US Debt Crisis And The Fallout On Forex

The resolution of the US debt ceiling crisis’s effect on the forex market was somewhat different than what many traders had expected. Dollar Falls Across The Forex Markets. The general expectation amongst traders was that the US dollar would start to strengthen once a resolution was passed, we had seen a weakening Dollar over the […] Read More »

Learn Forex Trading Quickly.

The first point to make is that you must have a simple system, complex systems serve no purpose other than to confuse, it’s a case of too many cooks spoil the broth. When you have a complex system you will be looking at the system more than the market and that’s what you must always […] Read More »

Forex For Beginners.

The first thing you need to do as a new and fresh aspiring forex trader is to open a forex demo account, this is easy done, nearly all forex brokers offer a free demo account and if they don’t, find one that does. At this point you will probably find it tempting to open a […] Read More »

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