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Predicting the Best Foreign Exchange Rates Trades

How to Predict the Best Foreign Exchange Rates This article looks at the different ways you can try and predict the best forex rates to use in your trading strategy. When you are trading foreign exchange you will want to get in and get out at the best foreign exchange rates for your trades.  There […] Read More »

The Pros and Cons of a Forex Forum

The Pros and Cons of a Forex Forum This article looks at the pros and cons of using a forex forum; from psychological effects to friendly discussions. Using a forex forum is a great way to connect with other traders.  While this connection is very important you should understand that there are a number of […] Read More »

What to look for in Forex Charts

What to look for in Forex Charts This article looks at several aspects of forex charts that you should consider when choosing your bank of forex tools. Forex charts are a tool that you need to use when trading forex.  There are a number of things you should look at when considering which charts to […] Read More »

Rules to Forex Day Trading

Rules to Forex Day Trading This article looks at the rules you should follow when forex day trading. If you are looking at forex day trading there are some rules you should follow.  These rules are not set in stone but should be viewed more as guidelines to ensure you are successful in your venture.  […] Read More »

Best Foreign Exchange Trading Tips

Best Foreign Exchange Trading Tips This article looks some of the best foreign exchange trading tips, including persistence and note keeping. When you start trading forex, or even if you have been trading forex for a while, you should be aware of the best foreign exchange trading tips; tips that will increase the frequency of […] Read More »

Forex Analogies

Forex is often compared with other businesses or practices that people take part in, in reality forex is probably different to anything that you’ve come across before, nonetheless that won’t stop us making a few comparisons, least of all with gambling. Forex Vs Gambling. On the internet you will see numerous threads on forex forums […] Read More »

Forex Compounding

The compounding effect in Forex is a very important factor in your total profit. Profit upon profit grows surprisingly quickly, a simple example being if you make 10% on $100, you end up with $110, a $10 profit, but when you make another 10% profit, you end up with $121, a $11 profit, but lets […] Read More »

The Frugality Of an Aspiring Forex Trader

For some, learning forex can be a very austere time, spending a lot of time learning the ropes with the minimum of incomes. Forex Austerity A determined aspiring forex trader may go to great lengths to save money so as to be able to persist with his education, it can be quite revealing how much […] Read More »

Top 10 Golden Rules Of Forex Trading

Successful forex traders are successful long term, it’s no good having a couple of large winning trades that double your account only to lose it all in the weeks after. Golden Rules For Forex Success. Short term success doesn’t count, success should be measured by the money you’ve actually been able to take out of […] Read More »

Which Are The Best Forex Indicators?

Often you will come across comments when researching forex like ‘indicators are totally useless, price action is best’, but there is much more to it than indicators vs price action. How to use Indicators for forex trading. Let’s start with the very basic price at a point in time, it doesn’t really tell you much, […] Read More »

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