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Forex For Beginners.

The first thing you need to do as a new and fresh aspiring forex trader is to open a forex demo account, this is easy done, nearly all forex brokers offer a free demo account and if they don’t, find one that does. At this point you will probably find it tempting to open a […] Read More »

Scepticism On The Foreign Currency Exchange

Every individual has been taught in life that confidence in one’s beliefs and concepts is extremely crucial to success in all walks of life. This is why when an individual begins his career on the foreign currency exchange, he begins with the preconceived notion that any kind of doubt will be detrimental. However, scepticism is […] Read More »

Currency Trading – Taking the Leap

Currency trading is a great way to take a little money and make it grow quickly. You want to be able to provide an education for your children and a good home for your family. It is not uncommon for the economy, layoffs and recession to cause a person to have to go through their […] Read More »

Channels and Trend Lines Within the Forex Market

A Trend Line in Forex In simple terms, a trend line is a sloping line signifying the point at which prices have difficulty moving above (bullish) or dropping below (bearish). The trend line is similar to the support and resistance lines used by traders, but instead of being drawn horizontally, it is expressed at an […] Read More »

Forex Strategies according to Trading Account Level

The amount of money in your trading account will largely determine which sort of trader you are at any given time. It will affect the amount of risk you take and what sort of trading you can do. We take a look at the trading options for different amounts of capital from nothing at all […] Read More »

Beginner’s guide to the Forex Market

The forex market is a global market trading different currencies. Whether you are an individual needing Euros for a weekend in Barcelona or a corporate firm transferring millions to an offshore subsidiary, the exchange rate for the currencies you want to buy and sell in are important. Since 1971 currencies have been able to trade […] Read More »

How to Complain if Forex Goes Wrong

Sensible users of forex services will already be aware of the guidelines surrounding their choice of broker; they will have ensured that the company in question is regulated in the country in which it operates and that any on-line reviews are positive. However, sometimes things can and do go wrong. Here’s our short guide on […] Read More »

Practise with Forex Charts

Many armchair experts who have failed in making money out of real forex trading and are now just looking to make money by giving advice will tell you that forex trading is easy. On the contrary, it is not because everything from interpreting forex charts to using money management is difficult because of the novelty […] Read More »

Dangerous Moves on the Foreign Exchange Singapore

This article looks at the dangerous moves you can make on the foreign exchange Singapore. Trading on the foreign exchange Singapore does not come without risks.  Some of these risks cannot be avoided and only limited.  However, there are risks that you can avoid on the foreign exchange Singapore.  There are also a number of […] Read More »

How Leverage Can Kill Your FX Rates Trading Account

This article looks at leverage as it is used on the FX rates market. In order to be an effective trader on the foreign exchange market you must have an understanding of all aspects of forex trading.  One of these aspects is that of leverage.  This article will provide information on what leverage is and […] Read More »

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