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How to Trade Forex: The Right Focus

Successful people learn from their mistakes. They turn a negative into a positive. How to trade forex should be approached in the same manner. All first time forex traders are bound to make mistakes, but instead of getting discouraged, learn from the experience. Part of your education needs to be on focus. What is the […] Read More »

FX: Special Effects or Special Affects

Cause and effect is something most of us learn about in grade school. Even as a young child we learn if we do not listen to what mom or dad says, then there is an effect such as grounding. In FX you have cause and effect. Typically cause and effect is based on the result […] Read More »

Forex Additional Guidelines

  Forex Sometimes forex systems you design are based more on ensuring mistakes do not happen, versus secret hints. Those wishing to learn about foreign exchange trading should be aware of the common errors made and avoid them. One of the mistakes you can make is in regards to your profit and losses. Holding a […] Read More »

What is Forex Trading Yen Crosses?

What is forex trading in terms of Yen crosses? There are six Yen crosses that tend to be major crosses. These are the pairs you will most often see available through forex dealers. Minor crosses such as smaller currency pairings are not always provided for trade through an online broker. Consider the DKK/JPY; it is […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange South Africa Stops

  This Flag Represents The Relationship Between Countries… Start with paper trading or a demo account first to figure out stop-losses. Trading foreign exchange South Africa with risk management requires you to find stop-losses on the trade section of your platform. Each platform works a little differently, so find the one that you are most […] Read More »

Forex Trading In South Africa: Know the Legal Aspects

  When we are introduced to a new way of earning a living or supplementing our income way often have two questions, is this just another money making scam and is it legal? These questions are very often asked when it comes to forex trading South Africa. The truth is, sadly, that there are numerous […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange South Africa Record

South African One Cent Coins   We have all heard that backing up data is essential and a routine. You may not have considered doing this with foreign exchange South Africa. Most online platforms back up at least a year of trading history for you to access. Legally each country requires a company to keep […] Read More »

Forex Trading in South Africa: Legal Requirements

It should be every trader’s priority to always practice within the law with regard to Forex trading in South Africa. There a few important regulations in place in the country that govern currency trading and if a trader is found to be stepping outside of these, the penalties could be quite harsh. A few of […] Read More »

8 Common Forex Terminology You Should Know

Much like any industry would have its own jargon, the same goes for the foreign exchange market. In order to feel confident as a trader on the Forex market, it is important that you get to grips with the terminology most often used in that environment. The most important terms include the following: Common Forex […] Read More »

Forex Markets and Economic Data

There are a number of different types of strategies to follow in Forex trading. One of these is the following of economic data tends. It is very important for the short-term movements. The major currency that is traded the most is the US dollar. It is therefore not strange that most traders would follow the […] Read More »

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