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Currency Trading Technical Analysis for Beginners

Technical Analysis is one of the most common and entrenched trading strategy used on the Forex market today. Currency trading is all about being able to predict how the market is going to behave in a way that will generate a profit for traders. This prediction is made simple by the use of Technical Analysis. […] Read More »

FX Trading Strategies Every Trade Can Make Use Of

  What kind of FX trading strategy you should use can be the result of some very complicated decision-making processes. You have to think about what kind of personality you really have (e. g., “risk-adverse” versus “risk-taking”). You have to contemplate how much time you really have to devote to trading (e. g., mornings only […] Read More »

Trade Forex In The Most Profitable Way

If you want to trade forex very successfully, you’ll have to do it in a way that most people can’t even imagine. First, forget trading on Mondays, Fridays, all weekends and any holidays. During these time periods, trade volumes are relatively low, spreads are relatively wide and you may not get the trade fills you […] Read More »

Trade Forex So You Can Make Money

Experts who trade forex have a plan and a proven strategy ready to go the minute they spot a potential profit opportunity. In other words, they know what they’re look for and are just watching the market action, waiting for the correct time to pounce. (Think of a Cheshire cat behind a big bush with […] Read More »

Myths about forex spot transaction

A forex spot transaction, which is otherwise called as FX spot, is an accord between two parties to purchase one currency in opposition to selling another currency at a contracted cost for the resolution on the spot date. The forex rate at which the deal is done is known as the spot exchange rate. A […] Read More »

Types of Foreign Exchange Market Analysis

There are various methods through which we can analyse the foreign exchange market. Each and every analysis type has its own significance and depicts the information regarding a particular factor related with the foreign exchange market. The traders make use of these analyses so that they can understand the trends existing in the market through […] Read More »

The Foreign Exchange Market Quick Study Guide

Introduction: The foreign exchange market is where you exchange currency pairs to earn money. It is done through the process of buying and selling the currency pairs on the Forex market. You basically watch trend lines on a graph and the easiest method to watch the trends is through the SMA or the simple moving […] Read More »

Popularity of Latest Forex News

Forex news is important in the forex market for it is the news that makes the market move. Latest news is a consistent focus of most traders for it can help traders seize the optimal trading opportunities and generate huge profits. Therefore, traders need to know things about latest forex news well in order to make good […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange and it’s Basics

Foreign Exchange market involves trading one currency for another. Through the trading in foreign exchange you are able to make profit by seeing the changes in exchange rate. There are various tools available in the market which helps in projecting the price levels of the currencies to assist the traders in performing a successful trade. […] Read More »

Trading Worlds: Currency Trading

Currency Trading is one of the most interesting facets of the world of trading. It’s lucrative, interesting and challenging at the same time. The foundation of currency trading is same as that of share trading. You buy a commodity at a price ‘x’ and try to sell it at a price ‘y’. You pray from […] Read More »

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