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FX Rates Forums

FX Rates Forums

This article looks at the benefits of joining FX forums.

Many traders make use of FX rates forums for a number of different reasons.  New traders use forums to find out information about the market.  Experienced traders use the forum to connect with other traders and find out what the market sentiment is.  It is important that you look at the different sections of the forum to find the ones that offer you the most.  When you find the most suitable forum you will be able to get all the information and interaction you need.

The FX Rates Forum Activity

The first point you should look at when joining a forum is the activity by the members.  There is no point in being on a forum that does not get much activity.  The forum should have a number of posts and a lot of them should be recent.  If the most recent post on the forum was not in the last few days then you should look for a different forum.  A lot of forums have high numbers of posts and users but very little activity.

Forum Discussions

There are a lot of forums on the internet that do not have discussions.  Discussions are the best way to get information on the forex market.  Forums without discussion are often created by people trying to sell you something.  All the threads on these forums either lead to a trading programme or service where you have to pay to get more information.  These forums will not help you become a successful trader.

Activity Relevance

While having a lot of activity is important on a forum you have to ensure that it is all relevant.  Many forums have sections which are not for forex trading talk.  These areas have more general discussions which are not at all relevant to forex.  You have to ensure that the majority of activity on the forum is happening in the forex sections and not the general discussion section.

The sections which get the most activity should be areas where people share insight into the market, their trading strategies and generally help other traders.  If these sections are not very active you may not get what you need from the forum.


There are a number of different skills you need to have to successfully trade forex.  You need to be able to complete technical analysis, complete fundamental analysis and adapt to the ever changing market.  As you need all of these skills it is important that you find a forex forum that offers you insight into all of these areas.  The forum should have sections and posts about charts, trading tips and news.  If the forum only discusses one aspect of forex you may find yourself limited in what you can do and actually becoming your own worst enemy.

If you are a new forex trader you should look at forex forums which cater to the beginner.  These forums will have information on how to get started in the market and tips from other traders on what to do.



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