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Introduction to Foreign Exchange Rate Order Types

Foreign Exchange Rate Orders

This article looks at the order types that you can use to trade the foreign exchange rate.

When you trade the foreign exchange rate you need to consider the different order types you are going to be using.  There are a number of order types that you should know about and use in your trading.  Having a general overview of all the order types is important before you look at each order type in detail.  There are a lot of other points that you need to consider when you look at the order types as well.

Which Order Types to Use

The first point that you need to consider is which order types you should be using.  There are certain order types that are more common than others.  These will include the market orders.  There are many traders who think that placing orders for the foreign exchange rate trade is easy.  All they feel they need to do is hit the buy or sell button and they are placing an order.  While this is the simplest manner of placing an order, it can also be the most stressful.

If you do not use other forex orders you are not going to be able to control the trades correctly.  When you look at the order types you have to consider what they are able to do for you and how they will help your trading.

Orders that Minimise Foreign Exchange Rate Risks

The most important order types that you need to know about, after the ones that open you trades, are the ones that limit the risks you face on the market.  These are the stop loss orders, take profit orders and certain limit orders.  If you do not know about these order types then you will not be able to trade with any success on the market.  The stress of trading will also increase because you have no controls that limit your risks or control your emotions.

When you look at the orders that minimise the risks you take on the market you need to know what they are going to do.  There are some traders who feel that some of these protective orders limit the profits that you can make.  While this could be true you will need to weigh this against the losses that they are protecting you from.

The Brokers that You Use

Once you know about the order types that you can use when you trade you have to consider the broker you are using.  There are certain brokers that do not offer all the order types that you want to use.  If your broker does not offer you the order types that you need you will have to consider what your alternatives are.

You also need to consider whether or not your broker will allow you to place more than one order on a trade.  The modern trading platforms generally allow this and you need to know how you can use all the order types.  If you know what the order types are, but not how to use them on your trading platform then you are not going to be able to get the full benefit of the orders.



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