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Impact Of Equities On The Foreign Exchange Rate

This article looks at the impact the commodities and equities markets have on the foreign exchange rate. Traders spend hours trying to forecast the movement of the foreign exchange rate.  Some traders assess the gross domestic product and trade relations of countries, but it may be possible to make predictions by watching the equity markets.  […] Read More »

The Use of Limit Orders on the Foreign Currency Exchange

This article looks at the use of limit orders on the foreign currency exchange. There are a number of different orders that you can use when you trade on the foreign currency exchange.  One of these orders is the limit order.  It is important that you know about this order and what it can offer […] Read More »

Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Management Principles

This article looks at some risk management principles that should be included in your foreign currency exchange trading plan. The one reason why so many beginners in the foreign currency exchange market fail is that they do not take the time to implement a suitable trading plan.  When you implement a trading plan, you must […] Read More »

Gaining Success on the Foreign Exchange Market

This article looks at the ways to gain success on the foreign exchange market. When you trade on the foreign exchange market you will want to do this with a high level of success.  When you are successful on the market you are bound to make profits and this is what all traders are looking […] Read More »

Avoiding Scams on the Foreign Exchange Rate Market

This article provides tips to help a trader identify and avoid any foreign exchange rate trading scams. The foreign exchange rate market is the largest and most lucrative trading market worldwide.  Unfortunately, the high levels of activity have brought instability and uncertainty to those trading on this market.  Furthermore, the trading risks are not reserved […] Read More »

Getting Through Foreign Exchange Rough Patches

This article looks at the ways that you can get through rough patches in the foreign exchange. One of the defining features of the foreign exchange market is its volatility. Economies have continual fluctuations which contribute to this constant market, and the forex traders ride that trading wave. When the tide is high the foreign […] Read More »

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Managed FX Accounts

This article looks at the pros and cons of opting for a managed FX trading account. Managed FX accounts are not traded by the individual trader, but rather by a money manager who trades on behalf of his or her clients.  It is very similar to investment advisors in the equities and bonds market.  Managed […] Read More »

2013 Forex Seasonal Trends.

You will have heard of seasonal trends and they tend to start in the Spring and Autumn of the Northern Hemisphere, but what starts this trend?  Seasonal forex Trends. It’s been very interesting this year, the Greek Cypriot crisis coming to a resolution and causing the EURUSD to trend back to the top of it’s […] Read More »

Forex EURUSD Week Ending 4th October 2013

With the crisis in the USA without any sign of a resolution, there is only one way the US Dollar will go and that is down, the result of not being able to keep the government open and a complete shut down in parks and government offices and many more government related organisations, it could […] Read More »

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