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A Brief History Of Forex

It’s often been said that in order to look to the future, we must examine the past and, with so much in the forex world depending on a trader’s ability to anticipate markets and geo-politics, it is helpful to understand how the concept of forex began. Here we take a short look at the history […] Read More »

The Big Forex Circle.

I find it quite amazing how things go round in circles, whatever happens in a country it has an affect on another and then on another, and so it goes on, it’s once big never ending roller-coaster, and every move has an affect in the forex markets. The US Economic Crisis October 2013 And It’s […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Trading IMF Warns of Fiscal Trouble

The IMF or International Monetary Fund has lowered its growth beliefs. The lower percentages are an indirect result of the United States shutdown, which will affect the entire world. The economic growth rates were lowered before the debt- ceiling issues became even larger. The IMF stated there are downside risks and that global growth activity […] Read More »

Full Cooperation to Forex Regulations

  Regulators looking into allegations of manipulation of currency trading have been given assurances that they will receive full co-operation from Barclays, as the scrutiny surrounding its conduct deepens. At the same time, the bank is struggling with a reduction in the income it receives from its investment banking activities. Recently, Barclays said it was […] Read More »

The Place of Risk In Forex Trading

No matter the state of the markets, risk is a key component of forex trading. A person or business’ tolerance for different levels of risk will determine their likelihood of making the transactions which could have high rewards or significant losses. Understanding the quantifiable nature of risk and its importance in forex trading is important […] Read More »

Benefits of Trading Forex with Meta Trader 4

The choice of forex trading platform is important if you want to achieve success in the largest financial trading market of the world. When you choose a good trading platform you may be able to increase your level of success in this volatile market. Similarly, a wrong choice can affect your chances of success. Meta […] Read More »

FX Trading Manipulation on Global Scale

There is extreme worry that while the USA is facing a shutdown, several banks around the world tried to manipulate FX trading by making inappropriate investments. This possible manipulation happened with more than the Indian rupee, but it is also another area in which there seems to be trouble. There is a long list of […] Read More »

Practise with Forex Charts

Many armchair experts who have failed in making money out of real forex trading and are now just looking to make money by giving advice will tell you that forex trading is easy. On the contrary, it is not because everything from interpreting forex charts to using money management is difficult because of the novelty […] Read More »

Examining the Automation of Forex Trading Systems

This article looks at the different features of automated forex trading systems including the details of the automation factor. In order to benefit from trades on the foreign exchange market, you will require an effective trading strategy.  Many traders find that using forex trading software systems assist in reaping profits in this trading market.  However, […] Read More »

The Orders on the Foreign Exchange Singapore Market

This article looks at the different types of orders on the foreign exchange Singapore market. In order to be an effective trader, you must understand the different factors of the foreign exchange trading market.  One of these important factors is forex orders.  A trader will be required to place an order when trading on the […] Read More »

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