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The Basic Forex Trading Strategies

This article looks at technical and fundamental analysis and the associated forex trading strategies. In order to be a successful trader on the foreign exchange market, you must have a suitable and competent trading strategy.  There are two basic categories into which all trading strategies fall, the technical analysis strategies and the fundamental analysis strategies.  […] Read More »

Guide to Understanding FX Rates

Most experienced FX rates traders agree that before you can gain any success on the forex market you have to truly understand what FX rates are.  Furthermore, you should also consider what influences these rates, and how this can impact on your currency trading. What are FX Rates? In simplified terms, FX rates refer to […] Read More »

ACM: Foreign Exchange Sydney Broker

With Alpha Capital Markets, you will have the opportunity of trading over 25 currency pairs on low and fixed spreads. This includes both the exotic crosses.  Spreads begin from 2 pips on the majors.   The broker will also allow you to choose what leverage your prefer from 1:1 to 1:400. Accounts opened with more than […] Read More »

Guerrilla Tactics: Foreign Exchange Singapore Market

This article looks at the different aspects of the guerrilla trading strategy as it is used on the foreign exchange Singapore market. There are various trading strategies that can be used by new traders when entering the foreign exchange market.  One of these trading strategies is guerrilla trading.  The guerrilla trading strategy is a short-term […] Read More »

The Risks You Take With Forex Brokers

This article looks at the risk factors that you face with forex brokers. When you look at forex brokers you have to consider the risks that you face with them.  All aspects of forex trading come with risks and the forex brokers are no different.  There are three primary risks that you should know about […] Read More »

Important Steps in Trading Forex

If you want to succeed in trading forex there are important steps that you need to learn irrespective of whether you are a new or experienced trader. One of the things that you need to remember is that education plays a very important role in your success and you should make use of the many […] Read More »

How to Predict the FX Rates Movements

This article looks at the different methods you can use to predict the FX rates movements. To make money on the forex market you need to be able to predict what the FX rates movement is going to be.  There are two general ways that this can be done and they are technically and fundamentally.  […] Read More »

Forex Brokers Report Chinese Money Market Rates Spur Risk Aversion

Forex Brokers have reported that a surge in Chinese money market rates have had an effect on the operations of Forex traders as they are reminded that the Chinese central bank or People’s Bank of China (PBOC) recently stopped adding stimulus to their economy. Slowing growth This prompted concerns about a period of low liquidity […] Read More »

FX Rate Analysis: USD/SGD Makes 5-Month Lows

Last week I wrote an article detailing the hovereing of the USD/SGD FX rate around 5 month lows. Since then, the currency has moved further to the downside having broken these 5 months lows. This article looks at what traders should expect for the currency pairs FX rate looking forward. Downside The FX rate seems […] Read More »

Basic Forex Strategies

This article is about determining your forex strategies and provides details on the two basic strategies used. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are the two basic forex strategies used in this financial market.  However, technical analysis is the most common method used. Fundamental Analysis This strategy is normally used for the prediction of long-term trends […] Read More »

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