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Australian Forex Brokers and Swordfish

Australian Forex Brokers

Australian forex brokers may provide you more than one trading platform to choose from. Most will have two platforms: one you download and a second you can use on the web. Having a choice often makes it easier for consumers to choose them. It is not the only reason to provide two options, but it does help. FXDD is one such broker. These brokers have two or three platforms you can use including Swordfish. The following is an assessment of the trading platform. From the information shared you can decide if you want to use it or not.

Australian Forex Brokers offering Swordfish

FXDD is actually behind Swordfish. They are the proprietary owner. This platform provides currency and commodity trading. For commodity trading you have silver, gold, and oil options. It is possible to trade right in the chart or go to the quote panel. Like many Australian forex brokers FXDD and its software provide a one-click option. You do not have to worry about delays because as soon as you hit the send or submit button your order is placed. There are a few trading platforms that require two clicks. Automated updates for Algo strategies are built into the programme for ensuring open and close trades on your behalf. It simply means it has a robot if you want to use it. Swordish is available through OS systems that use Java.

This programme does not require a monthly fee and it will have a free trial. If you wish to have email alerts for your positions or potential trades, the system can provide them. It does not have a mobile version. Along with the chart features, you have news integration. It makes it possible to do everything you need within one platform rather than signing up for multiple Australian forex brokers just to get what you like. With live support, incorporated indicators and signals, you have the tools you need to be a successful trader. In fact it also has stop order, market order, trailing stop orders, and limit orders. It does not have OCO orders.

Comparing Australian Forex Brokers by Platform

When you search for an appropriate forex broker it is easy to look at the trading platform they have to offer. FXDD might offer Swordfish unlike other Australian forex brokers; however, you at least have a choice. It is important to understand the choices these brokers provide you, as well as test them out. There is no reason not to take Swordfish trading platform for a spin, test it out, and decide if it can work for you. It would be foolish to take the information here and decide whether you would like the platform or not. The only true way to tell is by assessing it hands on. You may find you do not like it. On the other hand it might be the right programme for your style of trading. It is hard to know until you have actually taken a look inside a programme and broker to see the nuts and bolts it is built on.




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