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Foreign Exchange Trade Station

Foreign Exchange

Choosing a proper trading platform is part of selecting an appropriate forex broker. TradeStation 2 is an updated version of TradeStation from Monex Group. Assessing the features this platform offers is one way to ensure your foreign exchange trading is conducted in a fashion you enjoy. Trade Station offers web, desktop, and mobile software. All three choices are provided below to help you decide if this trading platform is right for you. Only you can make the decision as to whether it is the best platform for your trading style or not. Each trader has different goals and styles of trading, which is why there are numerous trading platforms to choose from.

Foreign Exchange with Desktop TradeStation

The desktop version of TradeStation is the typical way for you to trade. It has been updated over 22 times and is currently in 9.1 version although online you might see it represented as TradeStation 2. There is at least one Australian forex broker that offers TradeStation 2 for foreign exchange traders. The latest updates for the desktop version include visual changes to chart analysis, enhancing OptionStation Pro, expanded multi-core processing, updates to ECL, and internal and user reporting issues.

Foreign Exchange with Web Version

From any Mac or PC that you own you can log on to your account through the web based version. You use the same secure log on as the download to your desktop. It is possible to check prices, trade and manage orders/positions. The web streams the same live data, with the same speed as the desktop. The difference is how you access it. With the desktop you have a quick launch. For the web you need to open a browser. Some find this extra step is unnecessary, at least at home. The web trading software allows for a quote window, chart analysis, instant currency pair search, placing a trade, and looking at positions/orders/balance, and using the indicator manager. The web version of this foreign exchange platform is supported by FireFox, Chrome, IE, and a fourth option.

TradeStation Mobile Version

TradeStation has a mobile version for download to your iPhone or Android. You can use the same options as the web version but only in a mobile size. You still analyse, trade, manage, and look at your balance. The difference is being able to do so at any time, anywhere. It also works with iPad. If you want real time pricing, charts, search, and balance checks for foreign exchange while on the go this mobile platform offers it.

Of course many of the platforms have at least two of the above stated options. Some work just on the web, while others work only on the desktop. Most platforms have a mobile version even if they do not offer both web and desktop. You will want to demo this platform to see how easy it is to use. Also, you should test other trading platforms to determine which one is better for your needs in foreign exchange. Only you can decide what the best is.




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