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Economic Basics of Foreign Exchange Rates

Economic Basics of Foreign Exchange Rates Technical analysis is the identification of chart patterns and using them to trade.  While this is very important all traders should also consider fundamental analysis which looks at economic data.  This economic data can have a major impact on the foreign exchange rates and what the charts can tell […] Read More »

Trade Forex Using Leverage

Trade Forex Using Leverage This article looks at using leverage when you trade forex including what leverage is and the risks of using it. One of the things that sets forex trading apart is the amount of leverage you are able to get.  Stock and other financial markets do not offer the same amount of […] Read More »

Importance of a stop loss in online forex trading

Importance of stop loss in online forex trading A look at the use of stop loss strategy in online forex trading, and ways to ensure good stop loss placement. The use of stop loss is one topic that generates controversy anytime it is discussed in forex trading circles. Some people argue that it is the […] Read More »

Learn How To Trade Forex

Learn How To Trade Forex This article is for beginners starting to learn how to trade forex. Learning how to trade forex is not an easy task, contrary to popular belief.  It is a challenging skill to learn, particularly if you are a newcomer to forex. Is it Possible for a Beginner to Trade Forex […] Read More »

How to Trade FX Rate Differentials

Trading Interest Rates and FX Rate Differences One way of trading on the forex market is through interest FX rate differentials.  To trade this FX rate you need to know what interest rate differentials are.  Once you know this you will be able to find out how they are traded.  You should also look at […] Read More »

Avoid losing money when you trade forex

Avoid losing money when you trade forex These are a few tips that will help keep you from becoming one of the losing 95% of individuals that trade forex. Most of the time the reason people lose money is not because they do not have a working strategy rather is because they keep making the […] Read More »

Forex Analogies

Forex is often compared with other businesses or practices that people take part in, in reality forex is probably different to anything that you’ve come across before, nonetheless that won’t stop us making a few comparisons, least of all with gambling. Forex Vs Gambling. On the internet you will see numerous threads on forex forums […] Read More »

Forex Day Trading – Myths Vs Facts

What exactly is it about the idea of forex day trading that appeals to so many people? More importantly, in an industry rife with egos, snake oils and sinister delusion, how can the newcomer distinguish forex myth from cold hard facts? In this article we take a stern, no nonsense look at the realities of the forex […] Read More »

USD/JPY Hits Two-Week Lows on Forex 24th May 2013

The US dollar limped into the weekend on the back of two-week lows against the yen, declining 0.4400% from its previous close to settle in the mid-101 range. The US dollar closed off the week having registered its worst loss against the yen in nearly two years, erasing the bullish tide that has defined the […] Read More »

Top 10 Golden Rules Of Forex Trading

Successful forex traders are successful long term, it’s no good having a couple of large winning trades that double your account only to lose it all in the weeks after. Golden Rules For Forex Success. Short term success doesn’t count, success should be measured by the money you’ve actually been able to take out of […] Read More »

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