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Forex Market

Definition Buy, sell and exchange of Foreign Currencies in a decentralized market is known as Forex Market. It is world’s largest financial market. Unlike Stock Market, there is no physical hub or exchange for Forex Market. It is spread across the world and every minute somewhere in the world there is a trade going on [...] Read More »

Money Administration For Booming FX Trading

Money administration in FX trading is similar to the “elephant in the room” that nearly all forex traders do not desire to talk about. It can be embarrassing, boring or even sensitively painful for some traders to talk about risk administration and capital management; because they recognize they are not doing it correctly. However, like [...] Read More »

Exchange Rate

Definition Exchange Rate, the word itself conveys the meaning of itself. It mean rate of exchange of one thing with another. In forex market this word is often used to determine the rate of exchange of one currency with another. This simple means that how much of one currency is needed to purchase another currency. [...] Read More »

Shifting A Stop-Loss To Breakeven Can Destroy The FX Trading Account

The huge secret concerning break even stop-losses in FX trading is that you are not supposed to move your stop-loss to break even except there is a genuine price-action derived logical reason to make so. Shifting your stop loss to the same stage that you just entered at does not create a sense if there is no cause to [...] Read More »

Options Trading

Introduction Option trading is a type of derivatives trading. As the word option suggests, here a trader gets a right but not an obligation to buy or sell a stock at a future date at a prefixed fixed price(strike price). For this he has to pay a premium to do so and on the maturity, [...] Read More »

Currency Calculator

Introduction to Currency Calculator A Currency Calculator is a tool used to calculate the value of a currency pair and its amount. It is more like an extension to a currency converter. A currency converter only tell you the current exchange rate of a unit of currency and nothing else. But a currency calculator can [...] Read More »

Ways of Separating a Currency In Terms Of the Foreign Exchange Rate

Normally, in a currency pair, the primary currency in the pair is known as the base currency and the subsequent currency is known as the quote currency. In currency trading all the currencies have their own foreign exchange rate derived from their supply and demand. Types of separating the currency pair Currency pairs can be [...] Read More »

Forex Trading software for profits in currency trade

Most of the people who want to enter the big world of forex trading the only way out for them are through the internet.  Forex trading is nothing but buying and selling the currencies of different countries of the world. So it is not like a commodity or stock trading where one has to be [...] Read More »

Calculation of Cross-Rates With The Foreign Exchange Rate

Calculating Currency Cross Rates with foreign exchange rate of three currencies A currency trader situated in a particular nation will typically provide a set of foreign exchange rate quotations between the currency of that nation and various alien currencies. The cross-rate between two currencies not openly quoted can be found by getting quotes for each [...] Read More »

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