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Forex Moving Averages

This simple indicator is very much underestimated by traders, a lot of new forex traders will have tried just about every indicator including moving averages and will have discarded them completely after they have been convinced that pure price action is the way ahead. Using Moving Averages For Forex Trading. The problem most have with […] Read More »

Understanding Chart Patterns in Forex

Technical analysis plays a huge role in the forex market and perhaps the most common of these analysis techniques is recognising chart patterns. With so many currencies to choose between, chart patterns serve to highlight potential trades. Easy to recognise, providing clear price objectives and with a favourable risk to reward setup, one of the […] Read More »

How to Pick a Forex Robot

What is a Forex robot? An forex robot is some automated trading software that makes trading decisions automatically. The most popular retail robots are based on the Metatrader platform. Such robots present themselves as ‘expert advisers’ which can either suggest courses of action to you (such as when you should place a trade) or they […] Read More »

Choosing Forex Robots for Trading

In the recent past,  forex robots has gained significant popularity for those looking to trade extensively. However, the number of forex robots available on the market with their corresponding sales pitches can be a little overwhelming and there are a few pieces of information which can help to lead to the decision being a successful […] Read More »

Choose Your Forex Robots

What are Forex Robots? A Forex robot is simply a piece of automated trading software which can make trading decisions. The most successful retail robots to date have been based on a platform known as Metatrader. Such robots appear to the trader as ‘expert advisers’ that can either suggest a course of action (when a […] Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Using a Forex Robot

Many traders will happily extol the virtues of a forex robot- essentially a piece of software that does all the thinking, trading and account management for you. However while they seem like a brilliant idea there are just as many reasons to avoid them as there are to use them. Read on for a look […] Read More »

How to read a Forex Chart

Knowing how to read a forex chart can be really helpful in understanding the market, regardless of whether you are a professional trader, want to make a small investment or are just an observer. One good way to understand and come to grips with the changes in the market is by looking at charts produced. […] Read More »

Developing a Foreign Exchange Rates Trading Plan

This article looks at the different foreign exchange rates trading styles, and how the market conditions affect the development of a trading plan. Experienced traders will agree that the development of an effective trading plan is the key to trading success.  This trading plan acts as a guideline to all your trading behaviours, which is […] Read More »

A Look at Trading On Forex News

This article looks at the different advantages and disadvantages of trading a forex news strategy. When entering the foreign exchange market, you will notice that there are numerous forex trading strategies available to you.  To be a successful trader you must ensure that the strategy you choose is suited to your trading style and personality […] Read More »

A Guide To FX Programmes and Their Systems

Beginner FX traders will often enter the foreign exchange market with many questions about FX trading.  One area commonly questioned is forex programmes, or trading systems.  In order to make trading smoother, the first step should always be gaining some foreign exchange education. Are FX training programmes worthwhile? If you decide to use an online […] Read More »

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