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FX Managed Accounts

Managed FX accounts are an option many people consider.  These FX accounts make it easier to trade on the market because you are not actually doing the trading.  However, you have to consider if this account is really the best option for you.  To determine this you have to consider what a managed account is, […] Read More »

Squashing Your FX Psych Snags

The increasing popularity of online trading has seen a massive growth in the number of retail traders on the foreign exchange market.  This has lead to a surge in the number of trades and a rise in both volatility and profitability.  However, many of these new traders are inexperienced and have preconceived ideas of the […] Read More »

Use Your FX Converter When Trading

This article looks at the use of a FX converter and your choice of currency pair and strategy. In the foreign exchange market, you are involved in the purchase and sale of currencies.  The intention in this market is to purchase a currency and sell it later at a much higher price in order to […] Read More »

What Is Foreign Exchange Trading?

This article looks at the basics of the foreign exchange trading market and what you should know about it. Foreign exchange trading can be described as the trade of money.  Normal trading is done in pairs and the pairs offered by your forex broker may not include the ones you may be interested in trading. […] Read More »

Ways to Trade the Forex Singapore Market

This article looks at the different methods of trading on the forex Singapore market. There are various considerations to make when becoming a foreign exchange trader beyond a trading strategy and forex broker.  In order to trade you must also decide on the currency pair you will be trading and which market you will be […] Read More »

New To Currency Trading

This article is about entering the currency trading market as a beginner and what is required of you to do so. If you are new to the currency trading market, there are many steps you have to consider before you can commence trading in the live market.  There are many rules, terms and a lot […] Read More »

Foreign Exchange Trading in Singapore

This article gives an overview of the forex market and how foreign exchange trading is carried out in Singapore. Foreign exchange trading is earning good money for many people all around the world. With just a small starting investment, you can make huge profits within just a short time. Many people who have heard about […] Read More »

FX: Trading Strong or Weak Currency

Generally speaking trading an FX currency pair that is exceptionally strong is a good way to start. Once you understand the basics of foreign exchange currency trading you can look to weaker trading pairs to find a gem among the rough. Look at the weaker currency instead of looking at pairs. You may find that […] Read More »

FX Trading: What Does Economic Release Mean?

Economic releases are provided by central banks around the world. Governments, research and analytical organisations, and financial institutions also release data. Many of the releases are about FX trading topics like inflation, interest rates, and monetary policy. A compilation of this information leads to informed decisions on currency pairings. Economic data topics are fundamentally based, […] Read More »

Why Foreign Exchange Trading

There are many benefits associated with foreign exchange or forex trading. The advantages of this lucrative and relatively new to many, business are also many, making forex trading perhaps the most pursued type of investment in the world today. With online trading, the world has become a global village where many investors, including retail traders […] Read More »

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