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Factors that Cause the Forex Market to Change

The forex market is a volatile one. Currencies fluctuate every minute of the day and savvy traders capitalize on this for both short and long-term gains. If you want to make the most of forex fundamentals, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about how the markets work and what drives […] Read More »

Forex Trading: Interesting Facts and Figures

The foreign exchange trading market is absolutely huge with vast amounts of money being moved around the globe each day. Read on for some vital facts and figures to help give you a broader picture of the forex market. History Foreign Exchange currency trading in some form has been around since ancient times. The modern […] Read More »

Do Emotions Have a Place In Forex Trading?

Forex trading and investing are inherently analytical activities. Successful traders are usually ones who are able to stick to a plan and who will not get distracted, greedy or nervous and make mistakes when they are trading. However, that doesn’t mean that all emotions are a bad thing. It is perfectly normal to feel some […] Read More »

How Consumers Influence the Forex Market

The consumer confidence index is often mentioned as one of the key factors that influence the forex market and consumer confidence reports are studied closely by traders who are trying to determine current and emerging trends. Consumer confidence reports explained Various reports such as the US Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) are designed to measure the […] Read More »

NZD CZK Forex Trading Course Specifics

  A Self-Study Guide To Becoming Successful … Indicators are a type of technical or fundamental analysis to conduct prior to investing in a currency pair. Using NZD/CZK as an example charts will be assessed in this forex trading course. The charts are put into text here for your better understanding. You may also want […] Read More »

NZD Forex Exchange Rates with HUF

  Currency Symbols… Training is all about testing different theories and beliefs. Reading something in an article and a book can cast doubts for you. It is the doubts that can be figured out and solved if you train on forex exchange rates through practical application. NZD/HUF is just one pair you may want to […] Read More »

Forex Exchange: World Money

  Forex Trading Wallpapers It doesn’t matter where you live in the world; the idea that you can use forex exchange to make money in another country’s currency opens up a myriad of possibilities. There are top currency pairs that are traded on a regular basis. You should know that you can also find a […] Read More »

Forex Charts Look to Eastern Europe

  Forex Trading The fifty-two week forex charts for the USD/CZK currency pairing have a spread of several points. If you look at this chart you can see that it hit a low of 18.5205 and a high that is shy of 22.0000. As you can certainly understand this pair isn’t highly traded and it […] Read More »

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