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Forex Charts Look to Eastern Europe


Forex Trading

Forex Trading

The fifty-two week forex charts for the USD/CZK currency pairing have a spread of several points. If you look at this chart you can see that it hit a low of 18.5205 and a high that is shy of 22.0000. As you can certainly understand this pair isn’t highly traded and it takes some significant dips with only moderate highs to offset it. At first glance this may seem like an unlikely currency pair to trade; however, with a major and minor currency pairing there is profit to be made. This can’t be done without the proper knowledge which means that some type of training course is needed. Study the ups and downs of this odd couple.

USD/CZK Spreads are Volatile in Forex Charts

The USD/CZK is not the most volatile pair we have seen on a yearly chart, but it is definitely filled with more up and down trends than some of the major currency pairs. Despite the USD being paired with the CZK, this is considered a minor cross. The CZK makes it minor since it is an exotic currency. Forex charts are most helpful if you take a look at three time frames then determine what will occur on smaller glances.

The moves you see in this pairing for a year are actually quite large compared to major currencies. You have 1.000 increments sometimes for this pair, whereas in a year you might see .0010 increments for a major currency pair.

There is a mistake a novice might make about forex charts that needs to be discussed here. In a stock market chart you want to see a larger increase than 18.5 to 22. This is only a 3.5 move. In a USD stock that makes $3.5 of a change. Unless you have hundreds invested in the stock you won’t make a lot. In forex this is a larger move because the increments are different. In fact .0001 is a pip change and you can make quite a bit on just 1 pip change. It goes back to the amount you have invested of course. The more you invest in a currency pair the more you will make in minor movements, but in a volatile pair like the USD/CZK this could lead to significant losses too. A sudden move as can happen with volatile pairs could mean great losses.

Forex Charts for USD/CZK on the Shorter Side

One month can give you a different look at this pair. You see less volatility, but you also see less pip movements in the forex charts. At the end of May the rate was at 20.1383. It was a gain for USD from the last month and a weakening for the Czech currency. Until about the middle of the month the CZK gained in value going as low as 19.1265. In the most recent week forex charts show an increase of the CZK for the USD gain in value. It means it takes more CZK to make 1 USD again. The more recent moves went close to 19.9800.



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